Thank You BlogMad Double Credits Day!

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6 thoughts on “Thank You BlogMad Double Credits Day!

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  1. That is so cool, being on a fasting growing list. Not even my plants with double fertiliser grow fast.

    BlogMad has been good for me so far, but I get a few repeat blogs in the average hour of surfing. I also have issues with it not having an adult filter, because I get non work-safe sites when taking a break surfing at lunchtime.

    I really like your template, it’s quite soothing to have dusky colours.



  2. Heh… yeah, I could see how the filter thing would be a problem. 😉

    And thanks for the compliment on the template. Of the templates that WordPress offers for its .com blogs, the ones by Beccary seem to look best on my screen. There are a couple of others; one I’ve already used before and one that has a lot of green. I can’t decide if I want to use the latter yet.


  3. Carla,

    As a team manager, I make a point of having my screen visible to the most number of people possible. I work in an “open space” so that means a lot of people. At least then, when I make a point of telling others in the team to surf sensibly and cut down on chat, they can see I eat my own dog food 😀



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