Thirteen Favorite Song Lyrics

Thirteen Favorite Song Lyrics

1. “3am. I’m awake, but my heart is still dreaming,” 3am by Edwin McCain.
2. “Like a gameshow contestant with a parting gift, I could not believe my eyes,” Runaround by Blues Traveler
3. “So what is love then? Is it dictated or chosen? Does it sing like the hymns of 1000 years or is it just pop emotion? And if it ever was there and it left, does it mean it was ever true? And to exist it must elude. Is that why I think these things of you?” Mystery by Indigo Girls
4. “Sometimes you get there in spite of the route, losing track of your life and what it’s about. The road seems to know when to straighten right out, the closer you come to Elysium,” Elysium by Mary Chapin Carpenter
5. “But if there were no music, then I would not get through,” I Don’t Know Why by Shawn Colvin
6. “Desperately close to a coffin of hope, I’d cheat destiny just to be near you,” Wreck of the Day by Anna Nalick
7. “I’ll make the most of it. I’m an extraordinary machine,” Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple
8. “Today is where your book begins. The rest is still unwritten,” Unwritten by Natasha Beddingfield
9. “In the instant that you love someone, in the second that the hammer hits, reality runs up your spine, and the pieces finally fit,” The One by Elton John
10. “Tomorrow, I’ll be miles away and dreaming that she hears my voice floating through the floor,” Through the Floor by Edwin McCain (Hidden track on Misguided Roses)
11. “Maybe you’ll get a replacement. There’s plenty like me to be found. Mongrels who ain’t got a penny sniffing for tidbits like you one the ground,” Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John
12. “She’s burning up gas like they’re giving it away. At least her kid’s on the honor roll,” Lost in America by Edwin McCain (from the forthcoming album to be released on April 11th!)
13. “Now that she’s back in the atmosphere with drops of Jupiter in her hair, she acts like summer and walks like rain, reminds me that there’s time to change,” Drops of Jupiter by Train
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11 thoughts on “Thirteen Favorite Song Lyrics

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  1. LOVE #13. The lyrics are almost poetic (though I suppose one could argue that MOST song lyrics are poetic. lol)

    And #8? That would be a GREAT first sentence for a story.

    Happy TT!


  2. Yay! I actually knew all of the singers, and many of the songs. Enough so that now I want to check out the songs I don’t know yet, since I like your taste. Lyrics can destroy a song I would otherwise love–or vice versa.


  3. I love any collection of ‘favorite song lyrics’ and yours were phenomenal! Can I say how much I love love love Anna Nalick? Like irrational love.. Blues Traveler rocks – forgot how much I loved them…Fiona Apple..Elton John – pitch perfect, woman!!!


  4. Carla’s brother here, tooling around in this blog for the first time. Have to tell everyone first and foremost what a great sister she is. I do have some lyrics to add, though. As Bon Scott so eliquently wailed in the song “Touch Too Much”,

    She wanted it hard
    Wanted it fast
    She liked it done medium-rare


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