Happy Belated Blogaversary to Me!

I can't believe I let such a milestone pass!

Actually, I guess in a way it's not really such a big deal. I've been blathering on for 12 months (as of April 1st), and some of you have even been so kind as to blogroll me… suckers! (Kiddin'.) I must be doing something right.

I started blogging because I felt stifled at work since I could no longer write full-time, but now that I've been writing what I want to write for a year, I'm having a lot more fun. I can also tell that my writing has improved. 

I've got brave enough to submit my blog to the reviewers at I Talk Too Much. Yeah, they might crucify me, but what the heck.

And that's pretty much it. I started this blog a year ago, and I still like it. Apparently others do too, so I plan to keep a good thing going. 


17 thoughts on “Happy Belated Blogaversary to Me!

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    I told you when I started reading this, that I was so proud of you. That has not changed one bit! You still rock with these crazy thoughts that come out of your head about T.V., movies, music, marriage,well…life in general. So glad I know you!


  2. Of course I love it πŸ˜€ Sorry I haven’t been around much, studying has been getting in the way. But after Thursday I’ll resume a somewhat normal life πŸ˜€



  3. *laughs at the “chick” bit*

    Congratulations, GIRLIE! I must admit, your blog ranks up there for me, I enjoy reading your stuff! (And I’m not just saying that because of Write Stuff. *grin*)

    And I feel compelled to add – YOU’RE A BRAVE WOMAN! Submitting your site to I Talk 2 Much that is. But you know what? I think you’ll do fine. πŸ™‚


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