Because I Crave Validation and Acceptance

I got smacked. Bitter Bitch reviewed this site at I Talk Too Much. I got three out of five smacks, which is much better than so many of others who submit their sites, so I'm fine — if not a bit relieved — with that. My fellow Write Stuff contributor, d. challener roe, fared better with a four out of five, so good for him.

I'm not going to go through and try to defend what she didn't like. That would make me whiny, and I've read through some of the comments for other bad reviews, and they have enough people whining about bad reviews.

I know those of you who stop by regularly like my stuff, and that makes me feel good (read: your check is in the mail). I just wanted to get the opinion of someone who's stopping by for the first time.


16 thoughts on “Because I Crave Validation and Acceptance

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  1. Heya,
    I just wanted to let you know, that I for one (a couple of weeks new to the world of blogging) really, really enjoy your site. I’ve been stopping by almost daily to read up on what you’ve posted, and you’ve got a kickass space. ‘Gives a good impression about the blogging world to those of us who are new here. So thanks!



  2. Thanks Dacia. I appreciate it.

    I realize, though, that everybody is different. What one person finds interesting is downright boring to someone else. I wanted to see what someone else had to say and perhaps I’ll make a couple of changes based on what she has to say.


  3. Good job. I always wondered what people thought of my site when viewing it for the first time, but I think most will only like it if they actually identify with me as a person. I like your blog 🙂 Keep it up.


  4. I dunno…

    I went to the blog that they gushed over and it was just ok, IMO. They said that blogger had a kick-ass blogroll; I didn’t recognize a single blog on that blogroll. Which only means that my taste and hers are totally different, right? But it stands to reason that if you read totally different kinds of blogs, you’re going to write along the same lines as those that you read. Make sense?

    I just think there’s a totally different kind of blog out there that a lot of people really like. Really, really like. And then there’s a group of us who don’t like that. Maybe we’re odd. Maybe they’re silly and shrill.

    Write what you need to write. Some people will like it and some won’t. The blogosphere is big enough for all of us!

    (Personally, while I love dooce, my biggest pet peeve is dooce wannabes. Ick.)


  5. hey, i’ve started bloggin just a few weeks back n even though i’m totally tech-unsavvy, i somehow came across your blog n started reading. i find it so damn interesting dat mmost of the time, i log on just to read ur blog. sumhow i feel i can identify with you. for instance, ppl call me a whiner too.. 😀 well, all i can say is-keep up the good work!! peace, ciao!


  6. I’ve looked at your site a few times, and generaly enjoy it…and to tell the truth, I am analyzing it to understand why it is so popular.

    I’m fairly new to blogging–couple of months–but think I have had a fair amount of success. This morning, my site had its 1000th hit.

    Take a look, and return the favor by critiqueing (never am sure of the speIling :)) Wish you every blessing and continued success with your own site.



  7. Nice one Carla! Yep, I come back and read because I can identify with your writing, even though I am male and English. My wife says I’m “just gay enough”, so perhaps that helps. 🙂

    I have read some of the other reviews “over there” and damn are they harsh! Most of it is justified, looking at some of the crappy blogs in their reviews.

    I think you came out of it really well. Haven’t plucked up the courage to submit mine yet….


  8. Yup, love your site 😀 Don’t go changing anything! And good for you on your good review (of course I’d still love ya even if they didn’t)

    I have to go check this site out. I’m not sure I have the courage to get my site reviewed. Yeah I’m a wimp. I like to believe that people like my site 😀

    Anyway! Great job!!!


  9. I found you on my “dashboard” about a week ago and added you to my list of RSS subscriptions. I enjoy the site because the writing is plesant to read, the layout is pleasnt to look at, and posts are always entertaining. Keep up the good work!



  10. Carla,

    I finished my taxes and some other chores over the weekend and I’m now catching up on some other stuff. For instance I just realized that I got reviewed. I was so busy I stopped checking. Congrats on you review though. I thought she was overly harsh, but then they always struggle to insult to better blogs and the reviews lose some cohesion because of it.

    I saw Karen’s post and I hope you feel better soon.


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