Thirteen Things About Domino

Thirteen Things About Domino


  1. She was born on Christmas Day, 2000, so she is technically older than Hubby and I.
  2. She was five weeks old when we brought her home. I couldn’t stand to hear her crying in her carrier, so I took her out and held her for the 20-minute ride home.
  3. During her puppy chewing phase, we lived in a house that had those removable linoleum tiles on the kitchen floor, some of which were already loose. Needless to say, she started chewing up the floor and consequently pooping linoleum.
  4. The first night she cried out every two hours for about 10 to 15 minutes. After that night, she was fine.
  5. She’s part shepherd (we can’t decide if it’s German or Australian), part Chow, part collie and ALL Diva.
  6. Her father is named Psycho.
  7. She has never taken to a dog bed. One huge pillow lies in our bedroom floor unused.
  8. She comes in the bedroom when we start to get ready for bed and lays down in the floor next to Hubby’s side of the bed. When she’s absolutely ready for sleep or when we turn the lights out (whichever comes first), she comes to my side of the bed and lies down on the floor.
  9. Words she knows: sit, paw, get your toy, treat, outside, out, move, stop, let’s go
  10. When she knows she’s about to get a treat (or “eatray” as we’ve had to start calling them), she runs into the kitchen and nudges the treat box with her nose.
  11. Her carrier acts as her house, and she is ULTRA-protective of it. If you even touch it, she immediately walks over and sniffs where you touched.
  12. She is shedding right now, so tufts of her hair are ALL OVER the house.
  13. If you’re petting her and she puts her paw on your arm, she wants you to rub her belly.

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8 thoughts on “Thirteen Things About Domino

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  1. She has beautiful fur! And she just LOOKS like a kind and wonderful dog. How sweet! I held our Jack Russell Terrier when we brought him home too, only I was allergic to his saliva and my eyes were swollen shut by the time we got him home. (He’s since passed away).

    Hey, I didn’t know if you wanted to put your blog on the TT blogroll, but in case you do, here’s the link to it: . I’ve put the blogroll on a separate page on my blog because it tends to slow down load times, but anyway..

    Thanks for stopping by!


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