Trying Not to Turn This Blog Green

031233981X.01._AA240_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpgI graduated from high school with the author of this book. We didn’t hang out with the same crowd or anything. After all, I was a band girl. She went to the Fine Arts Center and studied creative writing while I decided to participate in the colorguard instead of giving up the second half of my day to make the journey downtown to the Fine Arts Center.

I don’t totally regret that decision. After all, I was on the literary magazine staff, and I loved being in the band. But knowing then just how much I had to learn when it came to creative writing would have been valuable. I feel like it’s taken me a long time to grasp a lot of aspects about writing.

The creative writing classes I took in college gave me some inkling of what I needed to do, but I had a professor who liked my writing, and he gave almost all praise and not enough constructive criticism. I go back and read the stuff I wrote then, and I just can’t stand to look at it. My shoulders hunch up, my head turns, and my face scrunches up as if I just took a big swallow of sour milk.

I realize that everyone has his or her own schedule of getting things accomplished. How many of us have seen articles about these teenage authors who’ve penned bestsellers and wanted to wring their pubescent necks? However, I feel behind the times, and seeing this book by my high school classmate didn’t really help things.

I’m happy for her; please don’t get me wrong. In fact, I wouldn’t mind having the book. It sounds like something I’d like. The problem is, the whole situation just sounds that alarm in my head that yells, “Yet another person is accomplishing the goals you’ve set for yourself.”


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  1. Would it make you feel better if we poked fun at her name? No no, that would just be wrong, wouldn’t it?

    There was a girl I went to school with, her name was Charlene. She was beautiful and rich and a cheerleader, and hounded me endlessly because I was “the smart one” while she was the not-so-smart “popular one.” I went through several years of Health occupations in HS – it’s like the preliminary classes to go into a medical career – and she used to laugh at me for the uniform we wore. A few years ago, I saw her… she’s a dental hygeinist, proudly sporting the uniform she used to make fun of me for, working in the profession I always wanted to work in. I kicked myself in the butt for months. It’s hard to see someone you went to school with, a contemporary, do what you dream of doing, isn’t it? Yeah, only Charlene doesn’t even have a funny name to make fun of.


  2. Karen, I’m trying to get there!

    Erin, Hee… I first thought when I saw she used her maiden and married name, “Why would she do that?” But ya know, to each her own. People would probably think I’m crazy for using my short maiden name and my long married name, but I plan to do so for everything I publish. πŸ™‚


  3. Don’t get too down. I didn’t even realize I liked writing until I was in college and close to graduating. Then I felt like I had so much catching up to do. Then I realized I wasn’t on any time schedule. You know things will happen when they happen. We just have to keep working and not give up.

    Oh, and I can’t go back and reread my really old stuff either. It makes me cringe…it’s so bad. IT’s all part of the learning process. I’ve been lucky though, I’ve had great professors really push me. So the stuff I thought was wonderful they not let me think that for long πŸ˜€


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