The Women in My Family

…laugh a lot.

.…are thick-waisted and are prone to have chubby arms.

…are constantly tweaking recipes but usually for the better.

…are good at figuring things out for themselves, and they like to do so.

…are usually the driver on outings with friends.

…have had relatively easy pregnancies. (I hope I follow that trend.)

…love holidays and birthdays.

…love taking photos at said holidays and birthdays.

…are good mothers. (I hope I follow that too.)

…are big saps.

…are strong-willed and independent (according to Hubby).

…like gardening.

…have a knack for pressing on through the tough times.

…are my heroes.


2 thoughts on “The Women in My Family

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  1. I love that. You reall y have a knack for writing. And Im sure you will have an easy pregnancy someday and I KNOW!!! that you will make a great mother. Good luck and keep writing…please!


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