Just Another Way to Look at This Thing

I don't have the answers to this immigration mess. But good God, if I did, I could really barter for some big bucks for my knowledge. Today as I'm listening to my collection of Edwin McCain songs on my iPod (all 85 of them), I came across one that truly moved me before this whole congressional stalemate. Take a minute to read the lyrics of this song:

White Crosses

Well I packed all of my things into this blanket,
The coldest year to earn coyote's fare.
Kiss my wife and kids goodbye choke back the quiver in my breath
And took my first steps into this corridor of death.

If I’m lucky, I will make it to a train.
With 500 of my brothers, I would share the strain. S
tanding in this boxcar praying for rain
It’s the only the way we will quench our thirst.

In these gardens of white crosses Growing in the California sand,
In these gardens of white crosses,
We are the children of poverty trying to a make a stand

If we make it past the border, we will scatter,
Vanish just like smoke in autumn wind.
I will run until my color will not matter,
Hopin’ I can find some work or possibly a friend

There are others who have made it here.
They will show me how to find a job and a place to lay my head,
And I cannot be concerned with dreams of my children,
For there are five others in line for my bed.

In these gardens of white crosses Growing in the California sand,
In these gardens of white crosses,
We are the children of poverty trying to a make a stand

I will gladly pick your peaches or clean your hotel rooms.
I will do the jobs American won’t do,
With their cell phones to their heads and $700 dollar shoes.
I will risk my life ‘cause it’s all I have to lose.

Let the devil in the mountains promise me a ride,
Found an 18 wheeler and put all of us inside.
And just outside of victory, 19 of us died.
None of our bodies hit the floor.

And so my wife, she still wonders when I’m coming home.
The riches that I promised her for leaving her alone.
I said I would send her all that I could save,
But I ended up in California in an unknown grave. 
In these gardens of white crosses growing in the California sand
In these gardens of white crosses we are the children of poverty trying to a make a stand.

If it moves you like it moves me, go to iTunes and buy the song. It's from his album Scream and Whisper. Better yet, buy the whole album. It's great.

As I said, I don't have the answer, but sending the illegal immigrants all back will not lessen their determination to come back. Building a wall between us and them will not keep them from putting their lives on the line to get here.


3 thoughts on “Just Another Way to Look at This Thing

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  1. I don’t have the answer either but I’m pretty sure a general amnesty that lets illegals jump to the front of the line, over the many, many people that wait years to immigrate here legally, is not the answer.

    I suspect the answer is closer to something along the lines of a work permit that lets them come into our country legally to work after they pass a background check. Then they can earn money here and still go home to visit family when they want to. We already allow work visas for foreign nationals that have skills that are in demand, why should this be much different?

    Ultimately though, I doubt much of anything will change. There are too many American companies that count on illegals to do grunt work for a low wage. Anything that legitimizes their presence here would cause them to have to be paid a liveable wage and threaten the profits of those companies.


  2. I agree – doing round-ups and trying to send them all back isn’t the answer, but neither is general amnesty.
    I like the idea of earned citizenship – pass a background check, learn English, register under some type of work permit – and eventually you’ll be able to become a citizen.
    I am, though, tired of the media spin on the whole issue, calling it a fight for immigrant rights. Let’s at least call it what it is – an issue of illegal aliens. Our government has no quarrel with immigrants – it has issues with illegals.
    Great song – very moving.


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