12 of 12: May

As I mentioned yesterday, today is 12 of 12, courtesy of the awesome Chad Darnell. Today, you get "a very special" 12 of 12 because today is my birthday. How cool is that? I had the day off today too. The department where I work gives me a holiday for my birthday, but before you say how awesome that is, let me add that my birthday holiday was compensation for taking away the day after Thanksgiving — because, you know, newsletters cure cancer and shouldn't wait a whole four days.

Anyhoo, without further delay or bitterness, here's my May 12th.

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8:15 am, Tar-jay:
What to do? What to do? I've dropped Hubby off at work, (We use one car to save gas.) and I've got the whole day to myself. Why not go to Tar-jay? I spent $50 in here, but I swear the only non-essential thing I bought were some hazelnut chocolates! 😯

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9:00 am, Home: What other kinds of fun does a birthday girl have? Doing laundry, of course!

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9:30 am, Outside the Kitchen: How can I not take a picture of this adorable face?

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10:00 am, Bedroom: Working on my Lost recap for Fluff.

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12:15 pm, Kitchen: Leftovers for lunch. I made homemade Garlic Chicken Fried Chicken last night. Got the recipe from AllRecipes.com. Yum!

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2:30, Salon: Now, I'm up for a little torture by having my eyebrows waxed. Woohoo.

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4:00(ish) pm, Bedroom: Some birthday cards. Awwww.

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5:30 pm, Monterrey: My choice for birthday dinner with Hubby, Mom-in-Law, Brothers-in-Law. Chicken fajitas… mmmmmm.

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7:15 pm, Bowling Alley: Such stylish shoes! I decided two months ago that I wanted to go bowling with my friends on my birthday. I went ahead and reserved lanes because they said they were really busy on Friday nights. I'm anal, so hush!

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9:00(ish) pm, Bowling Alley: That would be my score on the top. I beat Hubby in the first game, but my performance would diminish through the rest of the night. 😦 But I had tons of fun, AND this woman came around selling 50/50 raffle tickets for her church youth group. I figure 2 for $1, what the heck. Turns out, I won half the pot! Ok, so it was $32, but still… that paid for our bowling for the night! How freakin' awesome is that? 😆

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9:30(ish) pm, Bowling Alley: Our friend trying to give her 2-year-old son a second wind with part of a Kit Kat bar. Heh. It worked for about 30 minutes.

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10:35 pm, Kitchen: Domino greets us as we come in. "Where the hell have you been? I've been worried sick. You've been gone FOREVER!" And oh my freakin' God how my feet hurt!

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Bonus Pic, Self Portrait: I love this mirrored sconce. It was the best thing I bought as a PartyLite consultant!

So there you have it, my birthday, May 12th, in 12 pictures. And now, I have to go collapse. I'm gonna be so freakin' sore in the morning it's not even gonna be funny. 


9 thoughts on “12 of 12: May

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  1. Well, I’m not that great myself, but I managed to hit at least half the pins each time. Out of three games, I never bowled a strike and got only one spare. 😦


  2. unlike me of course…i took the first game as a warm up and then built momentum.

    that’s right…i’m the greco-roman god of bowling personified.

    kneel before zod!


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (a little late) Speaking of newsletters that cure cancer, you should have heard how my prospective boss laughed when I described what I proofed at Cox. Oh yeah. So I wish you this: I hope you had more fun than hot dog socials and theme parties. 🙂


  4. Happy belated Birthday! i wish I could figre out the internet enough so I could post as least one 12 or 12… ! It looks to me like you had a perfect day… especially since you dropped the Mr. off and never went back for him! lol…. Just kiddin!

    It’s always good to ready your blogs when I blog hop! Have a good week!


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