What Are You… Chicken?

So last month, I invited all my regular readers (all what? five of you?) to join the 12 of 12 Photo Meme, but no one played along. This month, I'm giving you six days notice. Next Monday is installment six of 12 of 12. Go here to read the rules.

People from all over the world are participating, and seeing what goes on is cool. Some of you naysayers might think it's boring, but hello? For the most part all of us lead boring lives.

So pull out your camera next Monday! I look forward to seeing what your June 12th is like!


2 thoughts on “What Are You… Chicken?

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  1. I might well play this month!

    Boring? for the blogger may be, but it’s interesting to the reader to get a peek into the personal life of the blogger too.


  2. So fun! 😀 I’m obsessed with the 12 of 12. It’s like a highlight of each month (I think that makes me rather sad–but hey there were 60 others who enjoyed it too, so at least I’m in good company!)


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