I saw that Emmy nominations list today, and someone is smoking something good and not sharing because I? Don’t. Get. It.

Lost got shut out of the major categories. WTF, man? Any of the “boring” episodes this year were still better than that live debate episode of The West Wing. Come on!

They chose Two and a Half Men over My Name Is Earl? Puh-lease…

They chose Kevin James over Jason Lee? Good lord…

I mean, I’ve been disappointed over the nominations before, but this year’s is just the most mind-blowing ever.


3 thoughts on “ROBBED!

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  1. Makes you wonder whether the people who nominate actually WATCH the shows. West Wing has been bad since, what, 2002?
    And what about critically acclaimed favorites like The Wire? They’ve won a freakin’ PEABODY but not a single Emmy nod? WTF?!?!?! Let’s boycott!


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