I See Better Cars

So Haley Joel Osment was in a car accident early this morning. Not such a big deal, I suppose. No talk of drugs or drinking as of yet, although these days I wouldn’t be surprised if either or both was involved.

Here’s what gets me: Homeboy was driving a 1995 Saturn. WTF? Even I drive a 1996 Saturn (purple, thank you very much β€” one of the few made that year)! This dude has been acting since he could walk. He was nominated for an Oscar for The Sixth Sense, a huge box-office smash. What is he doing driving a 1995 Saturn?

What… could nobody find a Geo Tracker for him? How about a Ford Probe? Chevy Citation anyone?

Has he fallen so far already? Perhaps no one has been paying it forward as far as his bills are concerned?


7 thoughts on “I See Better Cars

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  1. I remember reading an interview with him years back, where he explained that he lived a very middle class lifestyle, with the exception of the schedule his job sometimes required. Evidently his parents were very much into keeping him level headed even at the cost of fame.


  2. Well, I applaud them for not letting him pull a Frankie Muniz and get some incredibly expensive Porsche when he barely had his driver’s license.

    However, as a driver of a 10-year-old Saturn, I have to say that if we were living comfortably, I would definitely have a new car because that Saturn is a rattle trap. My teeth chatter even after getting out of the car.

    I can only imagine how bad a 1995 is! 😯


  3. I thought it was great that his parents didn’t allow him to get some new expensive car. (obviously they knew he might wreck it anyway) Well, that and it made me feel a little better for still driving my old car.


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