Last Night at 10:15

“I’m so ashamed that you’re sitting here watching The Hills.”

“I like Lauren. She doesn’t seem like a ditzy blonde, you know? She doesn’t have the aspirations to be an actress or model. She wants to do fashion.”


“And I like the behind-the-scenes look at the magazine and fashion world. I think it’s interesting.”


“That and I just don’t understand why Lauren puts up with Jason.”

“See previous comment.”


4 thoughts on “Last Night at 10:15

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  1. I like The Hills, too. In fact I just spent my Saturday night watching a The Hills marathon on MTV. I don’t like it for the same reasons, though. I like that the main characters’ combined IQs total 135. And that there is drama over nothing, which makes me feel not only superior, but that my life has more depth. Is that a bad reason?


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