I Wish I’d Said It First

After seeing an 11 o’clock news teaser about a vaccine that will allow people to overeat and not gain weight, Cinlach says: “Oh, just what we gluttons need. No, that’s okay, we don’t need a cure for cancer or anything.”

Of course, now he’ll get a big head knowing that I actually think he’s cool, but oh well.


3 thoughts on “I Wish I’d Said It First

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  1. seriously though…how much more proof does anyone need that america is one fucked up place?

    they’re actually working on a shot which will allow the citizens of the most prosperous and affluent nation on earth to eat as much as they want (as though we needed any help in that department) and not gain weight to boot.

    last i checked, we were still struggling to stop alzheimers, diabetes, autism, cancer, aids, hepatits, cystic fibrosis, mental retardation, paralysis, drug addiction, alcoholism and a myriad number of other afflictions and THIS is what these scientists waste fucking time on?!?!?

    we’ve got people in this country who can’t read and write and we’re wasting money making a innoculation against gluttony.

    brilliant..just fucking brilliant.


  2. While it’s a little pathetic and embarassing I think I might actually get it. Although I don’t think I’m overweight because of how much or what I eat so much as I just need to workout a lot more.


  3. Here’s the thing: If people are getting the “vaccine” to eat what they want and as much as they want, they’re still eating unhealthily (is that a word? whatever…). All that is still going to catch up with them.

    Robin, I understand your reason, and my weight problem is more about exercise than eating too. However, I think I’d rather do the exercise. There are more benefits to working out than a vaccine. 😀


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