Not What You Want to See During the Morning Commute

I was more than a little disturbed this morning. At a red light, I saw a man who looked to be at least 80 years old driving his car and talking on his cell phone.

More than likely, this guy shouldn’t even be driving anyway, but throw in the cell phone? That’s a 10-car pile up waiting to happen.

Glad I wasn’t going in his direction.


6 thoughts on “Not What You Want to See During the Morning Commute

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  1. my mom has always said the worst drivers were little old men wearing hats and driving cadillacs. adding the cell phone into the mix is enough to convince me i should commute with someone in a sturdy vehicle- like perhaps a sherman tank.


  2. Ugh. I hate seeing realllly old drivers like that but adding the cell phone is just asking for lightening to strike. But you know, it’s kinda nice to know that he’s not one of those old people that poopoos technology. 😉


  3. Myself having another similiar experience only the woman I saw on her cell phone was not only elderly but had a bumber sticker on her car, criticizing drivers of their cell phone while driving habits. ( see my post ) All this while driving and talking on her cell phone herself.


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