We’ll Never Be Swingers

Tonight’s dinner conversation:

“Key parties are too random, though, because some people are winners and some people are losers.”

“It’s worse than spin the bottle.”

“Unless all your friends are supermodels, someone’s not going to be happy.”

A couple minutes later:

“We would never be able to find another couple. We can’t even decide where to go to eat. You want Olive Garden and I want Pizza Hut.”


One thought on “We’ll Never Be Swingers

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  1. Single dating is hard enough…I mean finding one person is a chore. Just imagine sitting in a bar as a couple trying to pick someone. Especially if the couple doing the picking have such separate tastes.

    You’d end up so mad at each other you’d be too pissed to get freaky with anyone you picked up…assuming you did happen to find someone you both agreed on in the first place.

    As for the “key party” concept…no thanks.

    If I’m going to spend all that time at a party mingling and flirting with other women I’d wanna make damn sure that if I did happen to find one I hit it off with then I’d be able to spend time with her.

    Otherwise you end up wasting all that time scoping out prospective “friends” and then end up going home with someone you might not wanna talk to…much less engage in sexual congress with.

    The whole thing sounds like an excellent way to ruin a fucking evening if you ask me.

    Although I’ve learned enough in my life to “never say never” I have to admit I think the chances on such a lifestyle being adopted are virtually non-existant.

    Unless the party was with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Michael Vartan…then we’d be probably be down.


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