And the Odometer Rolls On…

As of this posting, I’ve had 325 posts, 1,174 comments, and 20,021 visitors — just crossed the 20,000 threshold at some point today. 20,000 visitors in a year on WordPress, not too shabby considering I haven’t surfed the blog exchanges since before summer started. Before I left Blogger, I had had about 3,000 visits from April to October 2005. That Blogger page is still up. Perhaps it’s time to take it down since all those posts are here now.

These days I average 40 hits a day, I suppose half of them come from searches. I’ve had a lot of hits from people looking for information about gall bladder problems, leading them to these pages. If you’re gall bladder has kicked the bucket, I feel your pain. Well, I mean, I’ve felt your pain, and da-yum, that is some kind of f*#&ing pain.

I also get a lot of people looking for sappy music, sappy lyrics, sappy movies, sappy letters. Then I’ve had some more disturbing searches, such as ones for Vick Lawrence’s ass, which took them to this post.

But this weekend, I believe I discovered the most “holy shit” of all searches that led to this site. Check out the last search phrase on this list:


How the hell that happened I don’t know. I’m not even sure what entry they ended up on, but that’s just… just… I. Just. Don’t. Have. The. Words.

So, if you’re not that perv and you’re a regular reader, I encourage you to say hi. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. (Shit, that’ll probably end up on some twisted search too. Crap.) Plus, it’ll give me a nice, big head (Ugh, I’m sure another perv will end up here with that. Dammit.) and make it impossible for Cinlach to deal with me.

P.S. It’s your one-week warning for Chad Darnell’s fabulous 12 of 12. Go here for the details. Join the fun!


3 thoughts on “And the Odometer Rolls On…

Add yours

  1. heh…you said “nice”.

    and who says you’re not already impossible to live with?

    on a serious note…how can you NOT comment on “poke you with my sticks” as a search phase.

    i think that’s more random then anything else.

    i personally won’t be happy until someone surfs into my blog while looking for “papier mache spam panty-hose spraying knuckledragger.”

    but that’s just me…i love those weird ass searches.


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