How to Bring New Life in Your Two-Year-Old iBook G4

In the two years since purchasing my petite iBook G4 (meaning, the 12.1-inch model), which is the third thing I’d make sure was out of the house in the event of a fire (the first two being myself and the dog, not purposefully excluding Cinlach, just knowing that he’s perfectly capable of getting his ass out as well), the battery has steadily gone downhill. In the past few weeks, it’s held a charge for barely a half-hour. It’s as frustrating as knowing that 30% of the people in this country still approve of how Dubya is running the country.

Not wanting to shell out as much money as I’d probably get selling this laptop on eBay for a new battery, I put up with its whiny little self, dreading the moment that freakin’ alert would pop up saying that I had less than ten minutes to plug it back in or else it would go to sleep in protest.

But a little more than a week ago, I found my solution. It was as simple as having one of the 1.8 million batteries in the latest recall from Apple.

Wednesday, my new battery arrived — about three weeks sooner than I had anticipated — and last night, I enjoyed five-and-a-half hours of cord-free laptop use.

So I suppose I’m good for two more years, and hopefully, my cute wittle iBook will last that long, because Mama can’t afford a new one until then.


Thoughts, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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