Some Observations… The “Where in the Sh*t Have You Been?” Edition

1 — That was the question my dad posed to me late one Saturday night (actually, very early one Sunday morning) when I stayed out too late and didn’t call home to let anyone know where I was. That was only the second time I had ever heard him cuss. I was so certain that I was going to be grounded forever, but I suppose my parents realized that I did feel bad about not calling. And I never did that again. See, I was a good kid.

2 — I’m medicated once again. I started taking Lexapro last Friday. That’s all I feel like saying about that.

3 — On Monday, the left side of my face next to my ear felt sore. By Tuesday morning, a one-inch wide strip of my left cheek, from the top of my ear to below my jaw, was swollen, red, hot, and sore to the touch. The nurse practitioner at my doctor’s office (She was the only person available to see that day.) said it was most likely ( ❗ ) an allergic reaction, but to what no one — including myself — seems to know. Isn’t that comforting? I asked if it could be the new medication, but she didn’t think so. So I’m on my fourth day of a six-day steroid pack. The swelling is pretty much gone, but now my earlobe and cheek are starting to peel. WTF is going on?

4 — The other thing I’ve been doing is getting addicted to Battlestar Gallactica. Holy shit, y’all — that show is awesome. Cinlach and I went through the first three discs of the first season DVDs in one weekend. We’re on a mission to get caught up before the premiere Friday, October 6th. We broke down last night and bought the first half of season 2, and let me just say that the idea to split that season and sell each half for the price of a whole season frakkin’ sucks.

5 — And lastly, I’m relieved that fall weather has finally arrived in SC. I actually had to add a blanket to my usual covers last night, and it made waking up in a warm, toasty bed on a sunny, Saturday morning totally awesome.


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  1. Yeah, Sappy Chick, Stiles and the robot both say BSG is one of the best shows on television. I just can’t get into the idea of otherworldy creatures — but otherwise I heard it was like West Wing in space.


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