12 of 12: October

Sheesh, is this really my first post for the month? Crap…

I’ve been kicking a sinus infection for the past week, and work is heading into the shitty days of the month, which will account for the (yet again) boring nature of this month’s photos.

12 of 12 is the idea of Chad Darnell, and all of you who haven’t particpated are losers. Sorry… I’m just sayin’…

All the cool kids have done it.

Anyway, here’s my October 12th.

8:24 am, Work — Clocked in for a nine-hour day in front of a computer… yay…

10:25 am, Work — October is all about Dixon. I was so excited to read that Carl Lumbly is going to guest star on Battlestar Gallactica. That’s so cool!

12:23 pm, Work — Lunch, a chicken tender salad from Zaxby’s. What gives it that extra yumminess is a smattering of dried fried onions. Delicious. Oh, and ya gotta have the large sweet tea!

2:26 pm, Work — Anyone up for a sugar high? Notice that this candy corn is the good stuff. No cheap store brand for me!

5:47 pm, Parking Lot — Waiting for Cinlach to finish up. Didn’t we have some gorgeous weather today? I love fall, not as much a spring, but close.


6:02 pm, Butler Road — I like this house. There’s a little old lady who lives here who walks her boxer terrier twice a day. It’s so funny because they both seem to waddle along in the same manner. Anyone who lives or travels this area on a regular basis has seen her.


6:40 pm, Kitchen — Domino has decided to eat.


6:40 pm, Kitchen — And I’m quite hungry myself. No, I didn’t make this. This meal brought to you me by Publix.


8:17 pm, Bedroom — Checking out the forums on the National Novel Writing Month site. I’ve signed up again this year. Let’s see if I do more than the 815 words I did last year. 😳


8:41 pm, Bedroom — Uploading the pics I’ve got so far.


9:10 pm (or so), Living Room — Watching Grey’s Anatomy. I’m so glad it’s on earlier this year. Ten o’ clock shows make it so hard for me to get enough sleep. Ugh, I hate becoming such an old fart!


9:55 pm, Living Room — This is why we call her Domin-Ho. She would not leave Cinlach alone. If he stopped petting her, she started pawing at him. Needy little bitch…

BONUS PIC! 6:10 pm, Eckerd — Halloween Peeps! See, Chad? I told you I’d find them!


6 thoughts on “12 of 12: October

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  1. Domino’s cute 🙂

    And you’re doing NaNo too! I’ve done it 2 years now, and am up for a third attempt. What’s your user name on the site?

    Helen (another 12 of 12er)


  2. Oh and I love the “Alias” calendar. I might make one, rather than buy one. I made a calendar last year, with my own photos… that might while away some hours at work, if it gets quiet!


  3. Can you believe 10 months have gone by!

    Before we know it Christmas will be here. The cold weather is definitely here in MA!

    Sigh…time to start pulling out the sweaters!


  4. Well, it’s not quite THAT cold here yet. We did drop down in the upper 30s over the weekend, but that’s not normal for this time of year.

    Mainly we’re holding steady with lows in the 40s and highs in the upper 60s.


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