Once a Child of the ’80s

…always a child of the ’80s. I may not have worn parachute pants, but I had a few fluorescent outfits. I was also a Duran Duran fan. Nick was my favorite member. My friend Allison loved Simon. Another friend longed for John. I had a hat like the one John had on the poster where they wore black and white.

In honor of those middle school years staring at the posters in my closet (because my mother wouldn’t let me put tape on or holes in the walls to hang them up), I will be doing The Reflex with the Wild Boys tomorrow night at the major event venue downtown — the Bi-Lo Center. (Yes, it’s a hokey sounding name made even more hokey by the fact that years ago, this grocery story had life-sized fake cows attached to the roofs of their stores.) Of course, the band will be without Andy Taylor. Andy, could you not just hang on for another week or so before you went off on your musical snobbery and refused work with Justin Timerlake and Timbaland?

Cinlach will actually be going with me to the concert. He went through that phase, like almost all boys did, when he hated Duran Duran and all they stood for. However, he came around and realized that these five guys were not like New Kids on the Block or Backstreet Boys. Duran Duran actually had some talent. In fact, Cinlach scolded me a few months ago for not telling him that Duran Duran was in Columbia performing. I didn’t even know they were there until after the concert!

Save a Prayer for me — for the morning after, of course.

3 thoughts on “Once a Child of the ’80s

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  1. what really sucks is that i was looking forward to seeing andy because his guitar sound is fantastic.

    he produced one of my favorite bands (who no one’s ever heard of…ever) and i loved the tone and style of his playing.

    of course, he would back out at almost literally the last minute.

    damn you cruel fate!


  2. I am soooo jealous!

    I was so mad when I heard Andy was leaving the band. Now I will never see the band with the original members. I’ve only seen them in concert once, back during the Notorious years.

    I hope you had fun!


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