12 of 12 2.0: January 2007

Well, here we are — a brand-new year, and that means a brand-new edition of 12 of 12! So I got a little slack with the last two months of 2006, but I’m back out from under my rock and hoping to be posting more often.

So, here was my January 12th…

8:46 am, Dining Room — Domino goes to her pouting place to wait for us to leave. We were running a little more than a half-hour late due to me goofing off on the computer. Oops…

8:54, Butler Road — This is the city’s new sports center. It’s supposed to open on Jan. 22nd. Cinlach and I have already joined, (He’s soooo excited ’bout that.) and I’m hoping that since this is run by the city, I won’t lose my membership from it closing down in a month. That’s happened to me with two other gym memberships.

9:12 am, My Desk — Breakfast… See how good I’m being? Someone show my doctor.

11:31 am, My Desk — So, I had to say farewell to the Alias calendar. Well, I suppose I didn’t have to, but to make sure I was looking at the correct date, I needed a new calendar. This is the Duran Duran calendar that I got at the concert in Greenville last November. What you may not be able to see is that the days run down the page instead of across. Who cares if it’s not really convenient? IT’S DURAN DURAN! I would have totally had one of these in my locker in middle school.

11:45 am, Applebees’ Parking Lot (like you couldn’t tell) — This is pretty explanatory… just picking up my food.

12:06 pm, My Desk — Santa Fe Chicken Salad… YUM! This is the second one of these I’ve had this week. Hee…

3:08 pm, My Desk — Afternoon snack of a gala apple and Cabot extra sharp Vermont white cheddar. My work day is so boring y’all. Is it any wonder all I seem to do is eat?

5:34 pm, Smith Hines Road — I ran to Eckerd to pick up a gift bag for a present while Cinlach was finishing up work. As I zipped back to the office, I managed to catch this pretty nifty sunset. Luckily, no car was behind me so I could go slowly!

5:36 pm, The Office — Back at work… This is the poster for the weight-loss competition we’re having. I knew I was going to have to do the losing weight thing again, and I didn’t want to do it alone, so I came up with the idea to have a contest. I told our human resources person about it, and she got company approval. So, we now have 27 people signed up. We’re going to have competitions in three different weight ranges, so the winner from each group will win at least $225. That’ll be a nice start for a new wardrobe for me! 😀

6:25 pm, Monterrey Mexican Restaurant — It’s a Friday night ritual, and it’s my cheat meal for the week. Well, not so much the fajitas… but the chips and cheese dip!

7:57 pm, Golden Skate — My step niece turned 8 today, so I was at the skating rink for a couple of hours. My other step niece (her younger sister) is sitting at the end of the table.

BONUS PIC, Something New — This is Loki, the newest member of our clan. We found him Thanksgiving night at Cinlach’s grandparents house. He’s a flame-point Siamese, and in this pic he’s attacking a spot on the wall. *sigh*

9:12 pm, Mom-in-law’s Room — Here’s Domino playing with her new live toy.

And there you have it…

12 of 12 is the creation of Chad Darnell. If you want to see what other people all over the world did on January 12th, go here.

Mark the 12th on your calendar so you can join the fun next month.


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