Ladies and gentlemen:

Here it is — your first Bread and Milk Warning of 2007.

This is not a drill. The National Weather Service still has NO IDEA how much precipitation we’ll get and in what form it will be, so GO NOW to the grocery store and stock up on bread and milk.

Maybe toilet paper too…

Because you never know how long we could be stuck inside our homes in SOUTH CAROLINA!

Remember, you were warned.


One thought on “WEATHER ALERT!

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  1. LOL yeah it was rough here in the charlotte area… we were very nearly rained in. Luckily, we had plenty of milk, and bread (and we even went a little nuts and got eggs while we were at it) to get us through till the mud dried up!

    Seriously. Rain. Cold sure, and the trees iced over a bit – and school was cancelled 😐 Cancelled. For rain. 20+ years I’ve been in NC, and still cannot make any sense of this winter weather panic phenomenon


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