Harry Potter Has a Happy Trail

An internal dialogue after seeing the promo pictures for Equus — the play that Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is starring in:

Me: (Seeing People.com headline link on my Google home page that says: “Daniel Radcliffe stars in sexy new photos!”) Hmmm… (clicks link and stares at a bare-chested Harry Potter)

Perv Me: Oh… my… wow… um… he’s been working out.

Prude Me: Oh God! This isn’t right….

Perv Me: Look at the happy trail…

Prude Me: He’s half your age! UNNATURAL!

Perv Me: But…

Prude Me: STOP IT!

Perv Me: Well, I’m at least e-mailing the link.

Later conversation with Cinlach:

Me: Did you get my e-mail?

Cinlach: Yes, but I didn’t click on the link.

Me: But it’s —

Cinlach: I don’t want to look at sexy pictures of Harry Potter.

Me: (opening up the link in another Safari window) They’re not that bad.

Cinlach: (almost whining) I really don’t want to see this. (People.com page loads) Wow, homeboy is ripped.

Me: I know!

Cinlach: Look, I don’t want to see his Harry Peter!

Me: (moving the arrow to the happy trail) Well, apparently he has one.

And then I think Cinlach threw up a little in his mouth.

But if it were Hermione, he’d have it as a desktop. If she’s legal, of course.


6 thoughts on “Harry Potter Has a Happy Trail

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  1. A hahahaha! I’m so glad to know someone else out there experienced throes of guilt over their reaction to those pictures!
    Damn. That’s just not right. NOT. RIGHT. AT. ALL.


  2. the thing that bothers me is the double standard.

    if i had clicked on a link that said “sexy emma watson pictures” then i’d be a pedophilic freak.

    but it’s perfectly ok for sappy chick to click the daniel radcliffe one.

    you all do know he’s been appearing fully nude in a play in london right?

    i’ll bet you there’s pictures if you just dig a little.

    you filthy perverts.

    now, where did i find those smokin’ pics of emma watson again?


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