Some Random Stuff

1 — Good news, I’ve lost 4.5 pounds in the Biggest Loser contest at work, 3 of those pounds were this week alone. (And the grand total since January 2nd is 6 pounds.) Of the six people in the group I’m competing in, I’m third. But the new sports center opened last week, so I’m in my second full week of walking three miles a day in around 45 minutes. So the top two should watch out!

2 — Don’t you hate it when the birthday cards make their rounds at the office and you end up one of the last ones to sign? Because then you have to go on the hunt to find the one person who HASN’T signed the frakkin’ card yet all without letting the birthday guy/girl know what’s going on. I found one coworker who said she hadn’t seen it, so I handed it to her. Then she said, “No wait, I have signed this.” I, however, was halfway to my seat and said, “Too late, it’s in your hand and I’m three steps away.”

3 — Monday is the February installment of 12 of 12 2.0, so mark your calendars and take your camera with you! Go here to read the rules.

4 — Hate to end on sort of a downer, but I had a random flashback today. Someone cleared his/her throat at work, and the sound took me back almost three weeks to my visit with my grandmother the day before she died. She was all but in a coma, although it seemed like she was just sleeping. About every 20-30 minutes, the drainage collected in her throat, and because she couldn’t swallow she kept trying to clear her throat. That was such a weird thing to witness. You’d think someone doing that would be able to wake up.


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  1. Congrats on the weight loss! That’s awesome!
    Too funny about the birthday card thing – I’ve been there. Usually what I do is sign it and then sneak it back onto the desk of the person who gave it to me.
    Once it’s on someone else’s desk, it becomes their responsibility – that’s the rule.


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