12 of 12 2.0: March 2007

Ok, I missed February. I forgot to take my camera to work, and my cell phone takes crappy pics. Then I started taking some when I came home from work, but then I got too busy and forgot to get the rest.

But here I am for March with a batch of fabulously boring pics to put you to sleep with.

This guy is the creator, director, and executive producer of 12 of 12. Enjoy!

8:21 am, Front Yard — The tree in the yard is starting to bud. I took one shot of it, and then this little fella perched on a branch for me. How nice of him/her. I’m running a bit late for work. I had all intentions of going to the gym, but I woke up with one of my sinus headaches this morning. Looks like I’ll be breaking out the Claritin again.

12:29 pm, My Desk — I lost track of time at work; however, you’re not missing anything. I thought I’d take this moment to show off my adorable pink and red socks.

1:05 pm, My Desk — Leftovers from Sunday dinner at the parentals. Meatloaf and green beans. My mom’s meatloaf is the only kind I’ll eat.

4:31 pm, My Desk — This was my last newsletter of the day. Actually, this is the insert document. The empty boxes are where photos will go once their completed. There was a newsletter and calendar that went along with this one, but it took me only a couple of hours. *sigh*

4:44 pm, Office — This is the progress chart for our Biggest Loser competition. I’m in second in my group, with a long way to go to pass the person in first. I’ve got a lot of work to do in two weeks! 😯

4:44 pm, Office Parking Lot — These are the bradford pear trees across the street from our office. They’ve just started to bloom in the past week. I love seeing the blooms, but I believe that’s why I’m waking up with sinus headaches. 👿

5:13 pm, Kitchen — Supper’s on the stove. Two beef fillets (one for supper and one for lunch tomorrow) with my special seasoning blend (salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, worcestershire sauce and olive oil). I’ll sear these on the outside and then cook them in the oven at 350° for 25 minutes. Perfect!

5:13 pm, Foyer — Domino thinks if she looks cute, she’ll get a bite. Well, she succeeded. Could you resist this face?

8:08 pm, Kitchen — I’m back from the gym where I tried out their Fitness Yoga class. It definitely kicked my butt, but I’ll be going back on Wednesday. This paper explains their Fitness Challenge, where you get points for various things — attending group fitness classes, doing a cardio workout, doing a strength training workout, having a personal training session, etc. And you get free stuff when you reach a certain amount of points. I’m all about free swag, baby.

8:22 pm, Living Room — LOOK! It’s the episode of Friends when Michael Vartan guest starred! *sigh* I still miss Alias.

8:28 pm, Living Room — Loki thinks he sees something outside. He’s loving having the sliding glass door open, and frankly, I’m thankful that the weather is warm enough to have just the screen door closed.

8:42 pm, Living Room — Loki whoring it up in Cinlach’s lap. I think I’ll start calling him Hoki.

Bonus Pic: Green — Here’s my $1 St. Patty’s Day hat that I picked up at Tar-jay. Cinlach rolled his eyes at my when I put it in my cart, but I was like, “It’s only a freakin’ dollar! Why pass it up?”

So that was it for me on Monday, March 12th. Wanna see what people around the world did today? Go here.

Wanna join the fun? Mark your calendars for April 12th!


11 thoughts on “12 of 12 2.0: March 2007

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  1. My boyfriend makes a meatloaf I bet you’d love! Best I’ve ever had.

    Loki is adorable with his paw up getting his chest scratched.

    I am ALL FOR wearing funny hats on holidays! I mean, how often do you really get to wear a funny hat? Christmas (santa hat) and New Years (anything with sparkles), Easter (bonnets for the ladies), and when you take a kid to Burger King (cardboard crown). So you WORK that St. Patties day hat!


  2. Carla, I TOTALLY forgot about 12 of 12! Monday would have been a great day to do it. I see some really random stuff on a regular basis. Leave me a comment before April 12th to remind me!


  3. Beth: Thanks! 🙂

    Condoblogger: a – I don’t know… Mom’s is pretty darn good, especially when she remembers to add the A1 Steak Sauce! 😉 b – Yes, Loki looks cute but he can also be a Spawn of Satan. c – And I plan to work the hell out of that hat Saturday!

    Helen: Oh yes, and if you’re looking for more MV info, check out vartanho.com!

    Elise: I will definitely send you a reminder next month! I want to see pics of you as a roving TX state capitol reporter! 🙂


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