12 of 12 2.0 April 2007

That’s right, here we are again — 12 pictures on the 12th day of April.

This guy is the creator, director, and executive producer of 12 of 12.

It is not filmed before a live studio audience.

And we’re off…

7:58 am, Bedroom — My outfit for the day. I’m a jeans kind of girl. And um… we’re running pretty late.

8:00 am, Bedroom — Wook at dat cute face. She’s such a sweetie!

8:13 am, Bathroom — This stuff is the best thing for keeping the frizzies out of my hair, especially since I straighten it 75% of the time. For a couple of weeks, I couldn’t find this stuff, and I turned into some kind of mad scientist, using the bathroom as my laboratory to test the right combinations of products to make my hair behave. Finally, I found this at Ulta, they had two bottles left… I bought both. Oh, and we’re still pretty late.

8:31 am, Bedroom — White sandals to complete the outfit for the day. I’m supposed to be at work right now. 😳

11:44 am, Miller Road — On the way to Lieu’s Chinese Bistro for lunch. This is Frankie’s Fun Park. They’ve got putt-putt, an arcade, laser tag, go-carts, and three of rides that make a parking lot carnival look safe. But four out of six ain’t bad, I suppose.

1:00 pm, My Desk — Must. Have. Tunes. For. The. Afternoon….

5:53 pm, My Desk — “Are you sure you want to shut down?” I need a “hell” and a “yeah,” please!

6:47 pm, Bedroom — Here’s my reading stack. I’ll be finishing The Hours by the time I go to bed. Wow… I’d never seen the movie or knew how anything would end, so… wow… loved it.

8:19 pm, Living Room — Cinlach rented Eragon on the way home from work. Nothing would do him but to rent it. Yeah, that was a bad movie…

8:50 pm, Living Room — Loki examining the outside world.

9:14 pm, Living Room — This is the lily my brother and his wife gave me for Easter… very pretty.

9:31 pm, Bedroom — And now it’s time to cave in to peer pressure and read Harry Potter. That’s right; I haven’t read any of them. No comments from the peanut gallery (namely Cinlach).

BONUS PIC — My word was “socket.” Easy enough…

Hope you’re not looking at my day while you’re at work, because I’ve probably just put you to sleep!

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