Might I Suggest Where You Can Put All Those Fingers You’re Pointing?

I know there are many of us who have been almost addicted the news from yesterday and today. I include myself in that. Every time I walked by the TV in our break room, I found myself pausing at some news conference or interview with a student. My heart goes out to all victims and their families, not to mention students, staff, and even alums. I know that had happened on the campus of my alma mater, I’d have been devastated.

And can I just say I’d like to whack reporters upside the head with their “What’s the mood on campus today?” What the f*ck do you think the mood is, bitch? People were murdered senselessly. You think someone is having a party about that?

But what’s been upsetting me most is the almost immediate pounce on our gun control laws. I do say that I am in favor of some gun control, and I’m not getting into that debate right now because we just found out who the victims are. No one’s even had any real time to grieve, and others are leaping to forward their political cause — whether it be to listen to the sound of their own voice or have some bonus blog visits.

Let these people have a chance to say good-bye before you make your grandiose step onto your soapbox.


2 thoughts on “Might I Suggest Where You Can Put All Those Fingers You’re Pointing?

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  1. I recently found your blog… So let me just say AMEN to this post. I couldn’t have said it better myself. On to happier topics. I really like your blogs and it makes me laugh. As a local neighbor…Greenville, SC… The pictures you post are terrific. I especially liked the one of the house in Mauldin where the little old lady lives who walks her Boston Terrier. I love that house and she makes me smile everytime I see her out walking. You and Cinlach crack me up. Hope the diet and exercise routine keep up for you. I have no will power when it comes to mine.

    Thanks for giving a good laugh!



  2. Thanks so much, H! And it’s nice to have another local person visiting my site.

    There are so many people who see that little old lady! All you have to say is, “You know that lady who walks her dog in Mauldin…” and the person, if he/she has seen her, knows exactly who you’re talking about. If I hadn’t been late for work on this most recent 12 of 12, I probably would have tried to sneak a pic of her because I almost always see on my way to work.


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