Bits and Pieces From This Evening

12 of 12 post will come tomorrow morning, but right now, a couple of bits of conversation:

    Cinlach: (after I took his picture to make him stop yammering) I don’t care if you take my picture. It’s not going up on 12 of 12. You could take a picture of my cock for all I care.

    Me: (pointing the camera at his crotch) okay…

    Cinlach: You think I’ll care? I’ll flop it out right now. Better yet, here we go (sticks finger up nose).

Later on…

    J: You want T____ to buy you another shot? (because she mistook J saying “anything but goldschlager” to mean “get goldschlager”)

    Me: No, it’s really okay, I promise.

    J: Well, do you wanna make out with her then?


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