12 of 12 2.0: May 2007

Today, on a very special 12 of 12, it’s Sappy Chick’s birthday! Join our heroine as she travels around the Upstate and deals with completing her 35th year!

9:30 am, Kitchen: The birthday breakfast… Anyone want an inflatable Shrek boogie board?

9:30 am, Kitchen: Loki looking very introspective this morning.

9:30 am, Foyer: And Domino is just tuckered out from the earlier playtime with Loki.

9:40 am, Kitchen: This is Mom-in-Law’s new kitten, Ozzy. Cinlach found him last Monday at his grandparents’ house. He must be getting the rep as a sucker among all the strays in their neighborhood.

10:40, Dining Room: My mom’s is coming to pick me up for lunch with my grandmother and two aunts — a Mother’s Day tradition. Mom is going to the beach next weekend with the women from her office, so I’ve collected a stack of suggested viewing for them.

2:00 pm-ish, Belk: We’ve had lunch, and now we’re shopping. Apparently, they’ve found a whole case of earrings missing from the ’80s, because these are just…. da-yum.

2:45 pm, Mom’s Car: Mom asks me to look in the glove compartment and hand her the pair of sunglasses that are less dark. So I open the compartment and ask “Which one?” There are five — FIVE! — pairs of sunglasses in here. And that doesn’t count the pair sitting on her nose. So I told her, “That’s it. You’re going in my 12 of 12.”

5:45 pm, Just Outside of Subdivision: We’re on our way to dinner, and I wanted to show you guys these oak trees that these people stripped of all branches. They looked naked for months, and now the little new branches that are sprouting make the trees look like they’re fuzzy.

5:55 pm, O’Charley’s: Here we are for dinner. I had the best dessert — Creme Brulee Cheesecake. It was divine! My brother, his wife, and his stepdaughters joined us, and they gave me a set of four martini glasses (since they know I love my cosmos).

7:40 pm, Golden Park: I’m late to my own birthday party… good grief! We had another bowling party, but we included my friend J from the office since her birthday is Wednesday.

9:35 pm, Bowling Alley: Me and J, the birthday girls. Look at the shine on my forehead! And I should have taken my glasses off.

9:45 pm, Bowling Alley: My step nieces have tuckered out. They’ll get up to bowl at this point but then go lay back down when they’re done.

BONUS! Dreamscapes: Stormy Afternoon

And there you have it… my 35th birthday. This guy is the creator of 12 of 12. Go here to see what people all over the world did on May 12th.


11 thoughts on “12 of 12 2.0: May 2007

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  1. Happy Birthday! 🙂

    It’s a shame you’re not in NYC. You could wear those earrings (and probably something else 80’s-ish) to the Helen Hayes and get tickets to Xanadu for $19.80.

    Yeah…that doesn’t impress me either. LOL. I saw one show on rolelr skates in my life. That’s enough.

    Great pics!!


  2. Happy birthday! Holy attack of the breeding sunglasses, batman! Those earrings are great. Unfortunately, at this time of year in southern Spain, when the Feria travels from town to town, those earrings are what the laides wear with their flamenco gypsy dresses. They are ALL the rage. Also: nice fuzzy trees. Great post!
    ~ CC


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So awesome. You and my little brother share the same birthday. And for your present, I actually REMEMBERED TO DO 12 on 12!!! Thanks for always being a good blog friend.


  4. Happy Birthday! And Loki and Domino are cute! I love Jennifer Garner, so “13 Going On 30” gets my vote, as well as “Ocean’s Eleven” (George Clooney and Brad Pitt? Hello!)

    Helen (12 of 12er, “Dogeared”)


  5. Happy Birthday!!! Those earrings can go with all the leggings and oversized shirts with big belts that are back in “style”. Good grief! Why do we have to visit all the ugly trends from fashion’s past? I can’t comment on the sunglasses – I have about 10 pairs hanging from a ribbon by my front door!!!


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