Picture This Writing Prompt #2

Go here to see the pic and the guidelines.

Her: Did the flash go off when you took that?
Him: What? I don’t have the flash on!
Her: Well, I’m just checking. It looked like the flash went off.
Him: The flash is not on.
Her: Maybe it should be.
Him: No, it shouldn’t. There’s enough light here.
Her: Really? Did you learn that in class?
Him: There’s no need to be a smart ass.
Her: I’m not being a smart ass.
Him: Yes, you are. You’re pointing out that I’ve never taken a photography class even though there’s no need for me to do so. I’ve been practicing photography for ten years.
Her: No, you’ve been taking pictures for ten years, but you call it as photography so you can spend more than $1,000 on a crapload of equipment that you don’t know how to use.
Him: Oh, so you’re going to bring that up again.
Her: You’re damn right I’m going to bring that up again. The back deck needs to be replaced. My car rolled off the assembly line during the middle of the Clinton administration. Jenny starts Montessori school in the fall, but you’ve got to have your photography equipment. You’ve never even developed your own photos. You always take them to Walgreens.
Him: That’s because I don’t have any space for a developing room. The bonus room is filled with your failed business ventures β€” the kitchen stuff, the candles, the makeup, the sewing. At least mine has brought in some money.
Her: You won a $100 third prize at the Upstate Fair. Congratulations. You haven’t even entered in anything else since then.
Him: My pictures are on the Internet.
Her: The local news channel’s viewer submissions don’t exactly count as being published.
Him: Will you please shut up so I can concentrate on lining up this shot?
Her: (turning to a stranger beside her) Excuse me, are you a professional photographer.
Stranger: I’m able to pay the bills with my photos, so I guess you could say that I am.
Her: And have you taken any classes?
Stranger: Actually, no.
Him: (taking the picture) Maybe that’ll shut you up.
(flash of light)
Him: Son of a bitch
Her: Told you the flash was on.


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  1. OMG! That was hilarious… I absolutely loved it. I wish I had that kind of talent or was inspired to write. That actually sounds like a conversation I would have with my husband.


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