This morning on the way to work, the guy in front of us was driving an old beatup Impala and he had a cell phone bluetooth thing in his ear.

Something just seems off with that image, don’t ya think?

It’s the same thing with people who drive tricked out Escalades yet still have to go to the laundromat.

I myself would much rather have the washer and dryer, but maybe I’m the one with screwed up priorities.


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  1. What’s even better is when you’re behind people in the Wal-MArt checkout, they use their Food Stamps, then go outside and get in their Escalade.

    Or they pull up in their fancy car and get out wearing pajamas.

    I was at an AA meeting Sunday and the woman in front of me had a super nice Coach bag (quite expensive) and she was wearing Hanes sweatpants, a t-shirt and a nasty old sunflower scrunchie!!!!!

    Ever seen the scrunchie episode on Sex and The City?!

    I feel like posting about this….


  2. I have seen that episode of S&TC and laughed my head off. Yeah, it’s weird the choices people make, isn’t it? My sister is really struggling to make ends meet, but she gets her hair highlighted/low lighted/dyed whatever for over $100 every six weeks!


    I on the other hand never go to the hairdresser. I always wear my hair in a ponytail and I trim my own bangs. And I have mousey brown hair. Grrr. But we can pay the bills.

    It’s all about choices.


  3. Hi Carla, been a long time since I dropped by. Sorry about that.

    I think sometimes the very well off can have the most cheap stuff – and may end up eating eggs on toast instead of fancy food that less rich people eat often no doubt.

    J-L Picard is right – it’s all about image – but then if they have the snazzy car for the image, shouldn’t they try to look a little bit less cheap in their attire also?



  4. Something was a miss for sure, in my line I see things a miss like that all the time then again I seem to be rather anal about how some people look.
    Last week I had a meeting and the businessman I was meeting looked amazing, smart, black gucci suit covered in white cat hair, then paying for the drinks he pulled out one surfer velcro wallet, I just about threw up, what a busnessman ~rolls her eyes~


  5. The fur and foodstamps used to get me.

    I had to laugh at myself the other night… out for a ride in dh’s 72 Maverick and I had to call my mother to see if she was home. There was something funny about using my cellphone in the 72 Mav, with the separate shoulder/lap belt seat belt and the 8-Track player…


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