Oh, Hi… You’re Still Here?

Geez… didn’t think all three of you would stick around. Nice of you to do so.

So, yeah… I haven’t been around much the past few months. What have I been doing? Well, nothing that amounts to anything, I have to say. I go to work. Work my ass off till my brain is fried. Go home and turn into an vegetable instead of eating any.

But what’s new with you? Is 2008 a good year for you so far? I’ll be honest, it’s totally sucking ass for me right now. I found out Monday that the company I work for will no longer exist after June, possibly before that. Score another one for Corporate America.

Now, before you go all, “But Sappy Chick you were stuck in a rut with that job. It sucked the life out of you.” Ok, yes, I was burned out beyond dental records on that job.

But it’s like dating, you always want to be the dump-er, not the dump-ee. And even though I bitched and moaned and plotted and schemed to get out of there, I always thought that when that glorious day dawned, that company would still be there. That the world would go on without me.

Now, it’s going to go on without any of us.

And the situation presents quite the coinkidink for Cinlach and I since we both work there. (pausing for the collective “oooooooh”) Am I stressing? Well, we’ll just say that the therapist will be earning her money — at least until the insurance runs out. The severance package is totally generous though, if I stick it out. But if a better offer comes along that can’t wait until my time is up… severance, schmeverance.

Meanwhile, all these corporate people wander around the building, learning our processes, cataloging our equipment, holding meetings in our conference room. I can’t bear to make eye contact with them. I realize that it’s not really the buying company’s fault, but, to continue the dating analogy from earlier, our office is like the ex-boyfriend and they’re the new girlfriend. She’s not the reason you broke up and you don’t intend to be mean to her, but you still can’t find a way to be friends with her either.


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