The Question on Everyone’s Mind

I work in a casual dress environment, which is a good thing because I can’t remember the last time I didn’t wear jeans two days in a row. It’s gonna suck having to go somewhere that has a more upscale dress code. Of course, clothes are more comfortable now that almost every material used to make garments contains at least a little spandex. Can we give that dude a Nobel prize, by the way? Come on… at least a standing ovation.

Anyhoo, because the majority of my coworkers stroll around in jeans and T-shirts each day, when someone dresses a little nicer, others take notice. Before it was kind of a joke to ask, “So, when’s the interview?” Of course the joke kind of backfires if that person is going to a funeral, which has happened.

Now, (see the post below if you’re not up to speed on our company’s situation) it’s more of a legitimate question than a joke. I heard one customer service rep ask someone from accounting if she had an interview today. She answered, “No, I had one yesterday.”

Then another coworker walked by wearing a nice pink and black blouse and dark slacks, so seeing as she’s usually in jeans and some sort of Duke university shirt, I asked, “Where’s the interview?”

“I didn’t have one,” she said, “but if I had a nickel for every time someone asked me that today, I’d be rich.”


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  1. Hey Sappy Chick, I have been there and done that and didn’t even buy a T-Shirt to prove it. To make matters worse for me. I also had to train the new people that the new company hired because they were moving the company and they all thought they were something because they had new jobs and I was soon to have none. But Oh well life goes on. Good luck with the job search!


  2. Hey sappy chick, my husband works at a place like this, but they just hired a new manager and she is basically making them all wear dress clothes. He is so bummed out. I hope that they don’t ever do that for you, it is nice to be comfortable where you work.

    The baked blogger


  3. My old job was like that…sometimes I would just want to dress up (against my tom boy nature)…btw. I signed up for the interview thing at neil’s…do I interview you or you interview me (I wanted to interview you because you live in the best place in the world: Greenville, SC! so I will have to contain myself from stalking you blogwise because I miss home!)


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