Thoughtful Thursday: Week 1

My poor blog has been neglected over the past few months. I let myself get busy doing… well, nothing really. And now, I’m coming up on my third-year blogaversary (seriously… three years!) next week, and I’m ready to inject some new life into this site β€” well, at least some new posts.

I think sometimes I get distracted away from my blog is because I feel a need for validation. I like to think that I don’t need it, but in the end, when I put a post out there and it sits with no comments, I feel a little deflated. But really, aren’t there some of you who feel the same? I know I’m not the only one who wants a little blog love…. Wait, that didn’t come out right.

I have this idea for a new feature here at Sappy Chick’s Ramblings called Thoughtful Thursday. There are probably similar things floating around the blogisphere, but mine will work as follows:

  • Leave at least one thoughtful comment on any post on my blog between now and 11:59 pm (EDT) Wednesday night. And by thoughtful, I mean some sort of statement that shows you read the post, not some “Hi, nice post” blathering. I told you any post, so surely you can find something to which you can add something insightful. And if you can’t, for God’s sake, don’t tell me because I’m already down to my last few therapy appointments unless I find a new job soon!
  • In return for your time, I will post at least one thought-provoked comment on your blog tomorrow, which I have deemed Thoughtful Thursday.
  • And don’t stop with just my blog! Check out some of the other recent commenters by clicking on their name in the “What’s Been Said” section of the sidebar. Let them know you got there by participating in Thoughtful Thursday!

And while I’ll be honest and admit that this is sort of a ploy to get you to boost my self-esteem, I also hope it sort of builds a little bit of a community here β€” one that plays nicely, of course. Begging for comments is so demeaning, this is a win-win for all of us, and it gives me access to some new blogs that I’ll enjoy.

So, we’ll see how it works. Hope to talk to you Thursday!


5 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday: Week 1

Add yours

  1. Maybe you could do a pass-it-on comment extravaganza? and maybe it should be to a blog you don’t usually comment on (kinda like Neil’s interview thingy…comment on the person beneath you?)…
    just some ideas and a thoughtful comment…although you’ve already commented on mine…
    btw. I forgot you were on wordpress so I had to work to find you again…but here you are, yeah!


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