So I’ll Never Plan a Trip to Key Largo

…because it brought up this conversation on the way home from dinner:

Opening chords of “Key Largo” playing on 106.3 Charlie FM (“They play… everything.” Literally, that’s their tagline.)

Cinlach: Oh, what’s this song?

Me: (singing along with Bertie Higgins) “Wrapped around each other… Tryin’ hard to stay warm…”

Cinlach: It sounds familiar…

Me: “That first long winter tooo-gether… lyin’ in each others’ arms…”

Cinlach: I can’t think of the name…

Me: “Watching those old movies… falling in love so desperately… Honey, I was your heeeero… and you were my leeeeading laydeee… (pause for one… two…) We had it all…”

Cinlach: Oh. My. God…

Me: “Just like Bogey and Bacall…”

Cinlach: How do you know the words to this song?

Me: “Starring in our ooown late laaaate shooooow… sailing away to Key Largo…”

Cinlach: What were you, like 5 when this song came out? How do you remember that?

Me: “Here’s lookin’ at yoo-ou kid…” I was not 5. I was probably 8 or 9.

Cinlach: So you listened to bad music then, too, huh?

Note: The year was 1982, so I was 9… maybe 10. Still not old enough to know better.


Thoughts, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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