The Appropriate Gift Is Leather

So April 1st was my third-year blogaversary. Yeah, I know, I didn’t send out announcements or throw a party or anything. Besides, a party of three people is just sad. I’m more than happy to accept presents, though.

When I first started this site on Blogger in April 2005, I was starving for a creative outlet. I was bitter at The Powers That Be at the company where I worked because they took me out of my writing position and put me back out on the newsletter formatting assembly line for the second time. (Sidenote: I’m talking about this now because The Powers That Be are now The Powers That Were, and the whole company shuts down in 66 days, so pffffft…)

I started writing my own blog for validation. That extraction from the writing department — which was actually disbanding it altogether — was a huge blow to my self-esteem. To have the new VP of Marketing label all the work you’ve done in trying to improve products as “worthless” was a huge blow to me. Mainly because it’s never really happened before. Not to sound conceited, but I’ve never really had someone look me in the eye (well, in this case it was the eye of my coworker) and say what I had done was of no value.

So in conversing with a former coworker of mine by e-mail, I noticed a link in his e-mail signature, found his blog, and realized that this blogging thing could be something to nurse my creative wounds. And I wasn’t disappointed. However, it did shift from a blog about my writing to a blog about what was going on in my life.

I have to be honest too — most of the time, what you read here on this site is what came out of my head on the first run-through. Some bloggers keep an arsenal of posts to go through and edit and then post when they feel they are perfectly composed. With me, you get my mental diarrhea, and I’m sure that may seem hypocritical — to call myself a writer and then not make sure that each entry is a literary gem. But it’s my site. I’m Sappy Chick; I ramble. I edit my stuff when I get paid to do it.

As of this post, I’ve had 41,905 visits, and 1,399 comments on 383 posts. (This one will make it 384.) My all-time most popular post — with 1,332 visits — is this one, written after a pesky stomach virus last spring. It’s most popular because the most popular search term that brings visitors to this site is “stomach virus 2007.” So, I guess you could say that people read my blog because I’m full of shit?

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with blogging. Do I wanna get my own domain? I can’t justify paying for hosting when I can’t even keep up a decent posting schedule. I thought I had worked past my slackerdom a few weeks ago when I posted every day for a week, but now, I chalk that up to being off from work.

But that’s where I am… a soon-to-be-unemployed newsletter formatter who used to get paid to write full-time, trying to figure out what I want to do with my Web site… and the rest of my life.

How’s that sound for a blog tagline?


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