Tact: You’re Doing It Wrong

We had a meeting today where our HR director told us that she finally wrangled the corporate office who’s abandoned us into getting the career coaching service to come to our office and hold sessions to help us with résumés, interviews, salary negotiations, and all the other exciting stuff that goes along with hunting for a new job. This news was most welcome because we had been told that we actually were not going to be able to use this service until AFTER the company shut down. Yeah… how useful is that?

So to show our appreciation, we had a few seconds of applause for our HR director for fighting for us. After the meeting was over, I started in the ladies’ room, where I was met by one of the members of the management team of the company who’s shipping our work to a midwest state.

“Oh,” she said, “is the party over?”

Perhaps she didn’t mean it quite so sarcastically, but I literally had to bite my tongue to keep from telling her, “Why yes, we’re celebrating the fact that we’ll have help FINDING JOBS before we LOSE OUR JOBS. Because, you know, that’s why you’re here… to TAKE OUR JOBS.

Of course, I also could have offered to hold the restroom door open for her and then “accidentally” slammed it on her head.

But then, I’ll lose my severance.


Thoughts, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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