But Who’s Panicking?

So… three weeks from today (seeing as how I’ve had no phone calls despite numerous applications… not one… nada, zero, zilch, none), I’ll be finishing my first day of unemployment.

I’m just throwing that out there… just sort of thinking aloud to the blogosphere…

With lots of ellipses…


4 thoughts on “But Who’s Panicking?

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  1. The Upstate job market is certainly strange. A short time into finding out that CCM wasn’t the dream date I had hoped for, I got that damn resume out. Over the course of a year+, I got only a handful of worthy interview bites. Those didn’t pan out and the temp agencies couldn’t do jack (even though they found CCM for me when I moved here. Aren’t they great???), but then the right thing presented itself, and it was a good match for both parties. The moral? Don’t beat yourself up over no-calls or non-email; that part’s out of your hands. It’s the damn market. Most of these recruiters will never respond (even to say thanks for applying). Strangely enough, there seems to be a delay with some of them, and you may get a response in a few months to something you apply for today.

    Here’s some obvious things that might actually fucking work: Apply to no less than five positions a day. Broaden your horizons beyond the usual suspects of Careerbuilder and Monster. Think of every damn company in the city and go to their websites to apply directly; not through a middleman. Follow up the e-resume submission with a phone call, and ask for the interview. Lastly, even if you fit into one skill requirement they’re looking for, apply; you don’t know how strict they are with their requisition.

    I hope this didn’t sound preachy. I just had firsthand experience for the past year, and it wasn’t fun looking AND having to type/proof an endless number of newsletters. Besides, you’re no fun when you’re stressed. Keep up the writing! šŸ™‚


  2. Thanks, Super Jew, glad you saw the dreidel signal in the sky and stopped by…

    I kid! I kid!

    Yeah… I know it’s going to take a lot of research into where I need to apply and whatnot. The career coaching seminars we’re doing are very helpful. I’ve totally revamped my resume, and it makes me sound a lot more important than I thought I was! šŸ˜‰

    This post just comes from an evening where Cinlach and I are at dinner and he’s saying, “At this time next week, I’ll be talking about my first day on my new job.” And I’m thinking, “At this time three weeks from now, I’ll be done with my first day of unemployment.”

    It’s all just surreal…


  3. Surreal. Definitely. Especially since you’ve invested so much time in one place. That really makes changing all that much harder. I think the days of retiring with a company, after long years of service, are over. In this day and time, bouncing around every 2-5 years is a reality. One positive is that you network with each jump and get to know a new set of people that may aid you in your journey.

    Until that aid arrives, the art of resume sending is like getting a great photo after a day of picture-taking. Take two pictures, and your chance of success is 50%; take 2,000 and it’s virtually a lock. Make the city so sick of your overexposed resoom, that they’ll be forced to call you to interview because they either want to see what the buzz is all about or they want to personally advise you to stop flooding their inbox.


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