A Revision

Your voice is like honey.
You speak and I long
to be the wand —
to dip myself in your words,
to coat my mind
in your verbs,
your nouns,
your phonetic sounds —
to drizzle them in the air
so that everyone could hear
the sweetness —
not fabricated,
not calculated,
not orchestrated,
but simple,
You stop and my thumb aches
to glide along your lips in case
a lingering trace
is left to taste.
And I have never been so pleased
about the existence of bees.


4 thoughts on “A Revision

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  1. Hullo, enjoyed your poem! A question: When you say you’ve never been happier with the existence of bees, do you mean that this is because you have something wonderful and rich against which to ‘benchmark’ (and so that you can more accurately identify what you feel and the sort of sensations that you experience)?


  2. Came across your blog by searching Google for “sappy love blog.” Not exactly what I was looking for, since I was looking for an example of revolting cheesiness. Finding your poem was a happy surprise. Love the revision.


  3. Cloudsters: Bingo! 🙂

    Elise: I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. Sometimes things can be sappy without being cheesy, I believe, and that’s the line I usually tread. However, I try to leave the sappiness at the doorstep when I write. Good to know that I didn’t qualify for revolting cheesiness! 😆


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