12 of 12 (3): June 2008

Yes, it’s a special edition of 12 of 12 for Sappy Chick. It’s been… months since I’ve taken part in this awesome meme by Chad Darnell, but I decided that this month I needed to participate to document the final month of the company where I work. For those of you visiting via Chad’s site, my company shuts down on the 27th, so this month’s 12 of 12 is an homage to things I may or may not miss about my job/office/company.

7:40 am, Kitchen: Grabbing breakfast on the way out the door. One thing I might miss: being able to work at a place where you can fix your breakfast when you get to the office in the morning.

7:51 am, Butler Road: The gas station at the main red light in Mauldin. Another thing I’ll miss: being able to save gas by commuting with the husband.

11:00 am, Office Break Room: One of my coworkers is trying to start up her own catering business. Every once in a while she brings in samples, but she hasn’t brought any in a long time. So we posted a petition for her to bring stuff. The result? A mini bake sale. I snagged three Turtle Cheesecake Cookies and a piece of cream cheese pound cake… yum!

11:50 am, My Desk: Another thing I’ll miss: my awesome Mac G5… that is, if I can’t buy it from our new owners.

11:50 am, My Desk: My Lucy figure. Sadly, no one has taken me up on the new rates.

3:55 pm, Office Break Room: This sign hung in the foyer of the building we worked in when I was hired. It was the first thing you saw when you walked in the door. I remember walking in that building and feeling so grown up that I had a “real” job doing what I wanted to do. That’s what I like to call naïveté.

4:00 pm, My Desk: About to head into our career transition seminar. Corporate was at least nice enough to give us this going away present. Tonight was our last seminar. It has been very helpful. Of course, not selling us to a company in Kansas would have been more helpful… but whatever.

7:50 pm, Office: Done with the seminar, and I’m showing you one thing I’m NOT going to miss: this convoluted company mission statement. Notice how it’s slightly blurry? I call that a metaphor.

7:55 pm, Smith Hines Road: Leaving the office for the day. All in all, I’m going to miss the people, not the office itself. Well… okay… perhaps the G5.

8:10 pm, Fuddruckers: Supper… One of my coworkers once got the name of this restaurant mixed up. Yep… she called it Ruddfuckers. It took her a good five seconds to realize it, too. Then she turned as red as the plate in the photo.

9:00 pm, Living Room: Loki doing his nightly watch out the sliding glass door.

9:00 pm, Home Office: Domino living up to her nickname of “Domin-HO.”

BONUS PHOTO: “Future” — Ok, the bonus photo is no longer required in the meme, but I included this one because at work and at home I have one of these little figurines to remind me that I’m a writer. It’s what I’m supposed to do, and it’s what I’m going to do.


10 thoughts on “12 of 12 (3): June 2008

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  1. Wow – leaving a job is always hard, no matter what you thought about it. Good thing that you have great baked goods to lead you on your way!! I noticed the pictures of Loki sleeping to the side of your blog – those are great!!


  2. Sorry to hear about the job – hope you find something new soon! It’s always cute to see people’s pets 😀

    (Where are you in the US then? It didn’t say on the list/comments – I just like roughly placing the photos I see on a mental map! 😉 )

    Helen (12er)


  3. @Lisa: The cookies were yummy! 😛

    @Michele, Susan, Jason, & Helen: Thanks for your well wishes for the job.

    @Helen: I’m in Greenville, SC. I forgot to add that on Chad’s blog!


  4. Hey, there’s nothing like coming home to read your blog after a rough Saturday of fusing revenue initiatives and employee engagment at the office.


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