Five Songs I’m Loving This Week

For the three of you who’ve been with me from the beginning, you might remember that for about a couple of months or so during the first year, I did a weekly post choosing five songs that have been repeating in my iTunes. I thought I’d try to pick that back up, so without further delay, here are this week’s five picks:

1. “In Bloom,” Tristan Prettyman — I’ve been listening to her since her first album, Twenty-Three. “In Bloom” is off her second release, Hello…x. This song, with its bluesy piano and soaring strings, is powerfully simple. I dare you to listen to her smoky voice sing these words and not close your eyes and feel the longing and passion: “I wanna know / what you’re thinking / when you’re lying in your bed late at night / trying to keep so still / my heart is pounding / and its trying to keep up with the time/ I am not yours / You are not mine.”

2. “When She Loves You,” Emerson Hart — I love the huge chorus and great harmonies. And it’s one of those songs that almost any woman would love for a guy to write about her.

3. “Mercy,” Duffy — Awesome baseline and a melody that gets stuck in your head… but in a good way. Plus, what a great soulful voice.

4. “Shine,” Anna Nalick — She has such a way with words: “And the past knocks at your door / and throws stones at your window at four in the morning. / Well maybe he thinks it’s romantic / He’s crazy, but you knew that before.”

5. “Ooh My My,” Pat Monahan — So hot it could melt icebergs… just sayin’.


Thoughts, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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