To Those Looking for Answers to Digestive Questions

I don’t know how to break this to you, but this is not a medical site. I’m not really sure what about “Sappy” and “Chick” scream that this page has the advice for all your digestive disorders, but I assure you I don’t have any answers. The last medical type class I took was biology during my sophomore (perhaps junior?) year of college. I don’t even know the Heimlich maneuver or CPR for crying out loud.

Yet you still come here with your searches about “the stomach virus of 2007” and “sour burp(s).” Those two searches alone have given me more than 2,000 hits. That’s 2,000 people looking for medical advice on the BLOG of a WRITER who has NO MEDICAL TRAINING. Did this post really give you any diagnosis direction?

I’m gonna throw this idea out there, and by all means, it’s just an idea… not any sort of demand or anything, but, you know, you might wanna SEE YOUR DOCTOR!

I did, and that technique worked wonders for me.

That and therapy…


Thoughts, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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