A Clarification

I reread what I wrote yesterday — and for the past few entires for that matter — and I realize that I’ve been whining a good bit about the layoff and having a little pity party about my broken ankle. As frustrated as I am about the whole situation, I do realize that I’m still lucky to have the rest of my body in one unbroken piece.

My husband found a job, and we got a nice severance that is covering the bills so far. We might not be able to pay off all the debt we wanted to, but a nice chunk of it will be gone, and a light will be at the end of the tunnelof that problem. But there’s also a possibility of a great job that will allow me to work less hours for the same amount of money I was making before.

And I also have terrific friends who are checking on me, an awesome husband who is doubling as a wonderful butler, and a super mom who is determined to clean and organize my house, even though she will probably drive me crazy by the time this is over.

So all in all, the situation is tolerable, even if it’s not ideal. Better things are on the horizon. I have faith that this will pass.


Thoughts, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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