Ankle Update: Doctor Visit #3

So yesterday was the four-week mark of my ankle break, and I had another appointment with the orthopedic doc for another round of x-rays to make sure the leg is healing properly. He actually used the word “good” this time when talking about the x-rays, so that made me feel better. He does want to use a bone stimulator; a device that can attach to my cast and send electrical impulses to help the bone heal faster. Sounds weird, but if it’ll help me get off these freakin’ crutches, I’m all for it!

I like the doctor’s office I’m going to. The people there are just beyond friendly, and my doctor is very easy on the eyes. Seriously, I think he’s the reason my mom is so quick to volunteer to take me… KIDDING! (When Cinlach reads this, however, he’ll probably insist that he start taking me.) 😉

But the one thing that disturbs me is that for a place that has all these exam rooms, they always seem to put me in the cast room, which is a “semi-private” room, if you will. There are two tables with curtains that can be drawn. On two of my three visits there, I’ve been put in this room when another patient is having something done that I REALLY don’t want to be there to witness.

On the first visit, while I was waiting for the doctor, they brought in a woman who had hurt her arm the day before. The doctor was going to have to set the bone, and I was hoping against all hope that I would be gone before they started that procedure. What worked in my favor (although unfortunate for this woman — and I did feel so sorry for her) was that they had to keep giving her shots to numb her arm, and with each shot, the doctor would remind her that setting the bone was not a pain-free process. Luckily, we got out of there right as they were finally starting.

Yesterday, when the x-ray tech wheeled me into the cast room, another woman was already there. She had had a cast removed from her right leg, and when the doctor came in, he closed the curtains around her table and told her that today they were going to take the pins out.

I looked at my mom with an “oh shit, no!” look on my face, and she returned the look. I’d heard of people having pins that stick out of the skin with bone breaks, but I just always assumed that the removal of said pins would involve things like… oh, I don’t know… ANESTHESIA?

But no, he just scooted over to her on a stool and yanked those suckers right out.


As for me, I have a little more than two weeks before I go back, when they’ll remove the cast, take a few more x-rays and see if they need to replace the cast or give me one of those stylishly sleek black boots.

Can’t wait to see who ends up on the table next to me…


Thoughts, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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