Giving Me the Swift Kick in the Pants I Need

Just when you thought I’d given up the blog… I’m back. You can thank E from 67 Degrees for getting me back to the posting page with her meme about things that I do to bring me joy. The rules are simple:

  1. List six things I do for joy.
  2. Pass the task on to six more blogging buddies.
  3. Link back to the person who gave me the meme.
  4. Link to the six people to whom I’m forwarding the meme.

So here we go…

1 — Writing: Yes, I know. I haven’t done of a lot of that lately, especially here, and I think that contributes to my problem of being down in the dumps about my unemployment. However, just because I’m not putting words on paper doesn’t mean that they’re not milling around in my head. I have story ideas that are percolating in my cranium coffee pot, and that’s one of the things that keeps me going. I love seeing a scenario and thinking, “What if…?” I get excited when a scene comes to me that would fit in perfectly with something I’m writing. It’s that joy that I need to remember so that I can get back on track!

2 — Cooking: Since being laid off, I have discovered WAY too many cooking shows on Food Network. I love finding new recipes and creating some on my own. A little more than a month ago, I came up with this appetizer recipe, black bean wontons. They’ve been gobbled up every time I make them — even Cinlach, in his vegetable avoidance, liked them. It’s sort of like the satisfaction I get from writing; however, the approval comes much more quickly.

3 — Parties: I love getting together with my friends, and having my own parties combines my love of cooking with my love of having friends over. But the get-togethers don’t always have to be at my house. We can gather at someone else’s house or a restaurant, as long as there’s always a lot of laughs and a lot of stuff to talk about.

4 — Time with the family: I’ve been so lucky in that my family is close. I’m not saying that we haven’t had our share of arguments and problems, but we always did things together — even (gasp) dinner. We always ate supper around the table as a family, and I think that’s a big deal. Growing up, I saw my both my maternal grandparents and my paternal grandmother every weekend, and on the Sundays I saw my dad’s mom, his sister’s family was also there for Sunday dinner. So I was always seeing my cousins. We also went to the beach with Dad’s side of the family, and those were some of my favorite memories growing up. This year for Thanksgiving, we went to my dad’s sister’s house for dinner, and it was such a great day.

5 — Taking photos: This is becoming a new hobby for me. I suppose my creative side is looking for new ways to branch out, and I’m enjoying the satisfaction that comes from taking a photo that any one finds appealing or memorable.

6 — Exercising/Yoga: I haven’t really done a lot of either of these things lately, and it’s not necessarily that they bring me joy WHILE I’m doing them, because then I’m like, “Ohmigodithinki’mgonnadie!” or “OhmigodmylegisgonnagiveoutifIholdthisposeonemoresecond!” But when I’m done, I can sense the release in stress and feel those feel-good hormones. So I definitely need to bring these activities back into my regular schedule.

Well, E, I wanna thank you for tagging me in this little exercise. Some of them I needed to be reminded of so I can get myself back on track!

And here are the next in line:
G Vandevo
Jamie Marie
The Roaming Southerner


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