Perhaps Something Cesar Should Add to His Dog Rehabilitation

With the temperature and humidity outside creating heat that would actually make me seek shelter in a theater showing Eclipse (if it were the only building on the face of the Earth with air-conditioning), we’ve been watching more TV.

Oh, who am I kidding?  We’re always inside.  We’re not outdoorsy, mkay?

And since the standard September-May season is long gone, we’ve also been doing a lot of channel surfing.  Occasionally, if I have the remote or I can convince Cinlach to stop on this show without too much eye-rolling, grumbling, sighing, or whining in general, I watch an episode or two of “The Dog Whisperer.”  Mainly because we’ve had issues with our lovable, sweet, Domino.  Guests to our home can tell you of the barking when they come and go, and when Cinlach or I leave the house, there is usually a canine meltdown of epic proportions.

So, I like to watch to see what kinds of tips we can glean from the wise Cesar, and we have started incorporating some things — mainly his correcting noise of “ssshhht.”  That noise does seem to grab her attention, and we can control certain situations.

The other night, the phone rang — another instance in our household that can trigger her bark.  From the caller ID displaying on the TV, I saw that the person calling was my mom, so I got off the couch to go get the phone.  While in mid-rise, still sort of hunched over, Domino starts barking.  Following Cesar’s example, I take a deep breath and expel a loud “SSSSHHHT.”  However, I also expelled more of a “pppfffftttt” sound from the other end as well.  What can I say?  I was a bit gassy.  Everyone farts alright?!

I thought Cinlach was going to fall out of his chair hee-hawing, and I was laughing so hard when I answered my phone that it took me five minutes to explain to my mom what happened.  When he finally gained his composure, Cinlach walked to the kitchen and as he passed by me, he said, “Cesar would be proud.”


Thoughts, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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