Something That Makes Me Smile

I took a little help from the WordPress Post a Day Challenge blog today with this topic:  Share something that makes you smile.

I took this video almost four years ago.  Our dog, Domino, was six and a half years old and our cat, Loki, was just over six months old.  This cat has never had any fear of Domino despite the fact that she weights five times more than he does.

We found Loki… Excuse me, Loki found us on Thanksgiving night 2006.  When we told our friends and coworkers that we had a kitten, they all oooohed and ahhhhed and said how cute the two would be together.  “They’ll be best buddies,” and “They’ll curl up together and sleep.”

They lied.

Oh sure, they used to play together, but after a while, Domino would get tired of playing, but Loki was still up for anything.  So the annoyance factor soon began.  Loki didn’t understand that Domino was not nocturnal like he was, so occasionally, during the night, we’d hear Domino’s growl, “Mrrrrrrrrhhhh,” as Loki approached her to play.  If he didn’t leave her alone, she would bark and snap at him.

To this day, 13-pound Loki can back 75-pound Domino down the hallway.  In the mornings, we have to escort her out of the bedroom because she doesn’t want to walk by the cat.

So don’t buy in to all these cutesy pictures of cats and dogs loving on each other.  The saying “fighting like cats and dogs” exists for a reason.

But sometimes it makes for entertaining video…


Thoughts, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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