Keeping It Simple

I’m pooped today, folks, so the witty words will be few tonight.  I decided to list the things I’m happy for today:

  1. My dad had shoulder surgery to repair a rotator cuff tear from a fall, and he’s in good spirits — on good meds too, but still in good spirits.
  2. When stopping by my parents’ house on the way home from work to see Dad, Mom had made some yummy sausage and potato soup.
  3. She gave me some to take home for lunch tomorrow.
  4. Our good friend R has achieved a long-time goal of owning a comic book store.
  5. Cinlach is having a ball helping him, despite being tired from working his day job and then going to the store to help.
  6. My mother-in-law finally started a new job this week.
  7. I’m almost done importing all my CDs to iTunes so we can sell the discs online.  (Future post on this to come.)
  8. I’m in a new writing group that starts meeting Sunday afternoon.
  9. I snagged a BOGO coupon for Ruby Tuesday’s from the newspaper in the break room before anyone else got it.

And that’ll do it for today, but I made my daily post!


Thoughts, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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