Twenty Rules I’ve Broken

I went to Creative Writing Prompts for today’s post: “List 20 Rules You’ve Broken.”

  1. Gone over the speed limit.
  2. Driven without my license — by accident, but hey, if I’d been pulled over…
  3. Ran a red light
  4. Jaywalked
  5. Stayed out late without calling.  Wooo, never seen Dad so mad…
  6. “Acquired” songs off the Internet
  7. “Acquired” software off the Internet
  8. Snuck food into a movie theater
  9. Copied CDs for friends or family members
  10. Gotten on Facebook while at work
  11. Underage drinking
  12. Willingly went along with sneaking a guy into (and out of) the girls’ cabin while on a church youth group trip
  13. Talked during class to get my name written on the board
  14. Helped someone cheat on a test
  15. Tried to sneak into a rated R movie at age 15 (Does it count as a broken rule if it’s just attempted?  I’m having to reach here.)
  16. Passed notes during church
  17. Skipped half a day of school
  18. Forged my mom’s signature on a test (Sorry, Mom, but it was in the 4th grade!)
  19. Snuck phone calls in past my bedtime during my high school years
  20. In a clothing store, purposefully made a hangnail bleed and smeared a tiny bit of blood on a white blouse because the saleswoman was looking at me, my mom, my aunts, and my grandmother like we were white trash and went out of her way to help everyone but us

Yeah, that last one is probably one of the most vindictive things I’ve ever done, but that woman was a real bitch.


Thoughts, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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